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New Year, New You?

4th January 2019

Celebrate New Years in London with a high class Oriental escort

It’s the year 2019, and what better way to spend it than investing in self love? Some say they are too busy, frugal, anxious, selfless or whatnot to look after themselves. It could be the fact that they want someone to approach them with the TLC they need. Putting other people first is not a bad thing, but it really is a drag. Take it from someone who has seen men sacrifice a lot to their loved ones but feel guilty about enjoying themselves. Although the time that I spent being an escort gave me some glimpse into men who burn themselves out working and neglected caring for themselves.

Try to keep your spirits high this 2019 by finding time to enjoy your free time. Find out what makes you feel good. Don’t try to shortcut the process or you will get inconsistent results. Taking a break now and then will be better for you in the long run. In fact, now is the perfect time to make the resolution to treat yourself better. I see new clients taking this resolution aboard and this can only be a good thing.

The thing is that January is always a fun time to see what new profiles there are. People are generally feeling a bit glum after the holidays and that’s a plus in the escorting world. Think of all the possibilities for a good fun filled January. Remember most people are already keen to escape what could be a dreary month back at work. If I could show them a special time combating the winter blues they will be on the fast track to a great year. Hot cocoa, cuddles in bed, the possibilities are endless.

What a wonderful 2019 to look forward to if you are going to be nicer to yourself. For my single clients, winter can sometimes be an isolating and challenging for singletons. No one wants to be alone at this time of the year especially the middle of January. And then going into February and Valentines Day. I would have to say no doubt, some of my single clients prefer it this way to being with someone they didn’t like on Valentines Day. I would say that you can start over this 2019 with a refreshing new attitude about your sex life. Let’s say you tried the conventional online dating and it just isn’t for you. Or maybe you’re like me where you are living with someone but want to explore your sexual side more. What did you take away from it? For me, it was the fact that I got to know myself better sexually and know what I enjoyed with a partner. I think that the years of being a high class Oriental escort in London has made me a better communicator. It’s giving me a better perspective on how to interact with men and brushing up my skills in bed. Overall I think it has been a great experience and one worth pursuing.

I wish you all the best of luck this winter season and hope that you find that special experience you are searching for. The magic of the New Years can come true by pro-actively making the magic happen. Go forth and pursue your happiness!

Happy Festive Holidays

23rd December 2018


Enjoy the festive holidays with a mature Oriental escort in London

The type of festive holiday you have before you become a working girl and after you have embarked on this ‘lifestyle’ bear no resemblance to each other. At least for me, it doesn’t. The first Christmas time I went away was with a client to Morocco. I have never been to North Africa before and traveling with him was like watching a fish jumping about on dry land. The trip was a series of cultural shocks. Morocco is nothing like New York or Hong Kong. So, it was no surprise that in the middle of our trip, whilst staying at a gorgeous hotel in Casablanca, I dropped some, “this is perfect, let’s have our honeymoon here because I am fucking thrilled with this trip!”

The first trip away from home during the festive holidays and with a client, you become an excited child again. Like the time we had too much sweets and discovered a stocking full of money. In Morocco, money was spent freely like water and I loved it even after an unfortunately lunch with dodgy pigeon meat. After I recovered from that lunch, I ate some more pigeon pastillas and we went to a rooftop bar and came back so late we slept through Christmas day itself. I’ll never forget the scene in the morning, with underwear about the room, baklava on the bed and wine stains on the clothes. Happy Christmas.

The festive holidays are supposed to be about family time. Family is not related by blood, which takes me back to the client. We have become almost like family. This client has a long time habit of seeing me and so as time ticked sonorously on, we got into a going away on trips situation. For years I had this idea that I would stop celebrating the birthday of Jesus and treat it like any other day. And yet, to be contrary, I am becoming more pro-Christmas.

Holiday Favourites

2nd October 2018


Travels with an Oriental escort from London

In 2005, my first holiday in Rome. I remember drinking a Cinzano and walking towards the Trevi fountain. I asked a man for the time and he asked if I would like to marry him. I attempted to walk barefoot most of the time like the barefoot Contessa.

Isle Of Wight with my family-as a family we are fond of finding shells in the sand, dipping our toes in the sea and finding British beaches of great beauty.

Val d’Isere. I didn’t go anywhere beyond the resort until the following year and experienced the beauty of the French Alps region. It is majestic and slightly insular place where the spas are the best thing since sliced bread.

Paris Marne-la-Vallee, my most vivid memories are Parisian. Bright lights and underage drinking in Paris Euro Disney Resort. I discovered an amazing castle inhabited by fairies.

St Moritz was a sweet small with grand mountain views and a chic crowd. We had fondue every night. I enjoyed the serenity and it may happen to the setting of my next novel.

Taste Of The Orient In London

9th September 2018

Oriental restaurants recommended by a high class London oriental escort

Escorts in London get to dine out a lot. As a high class Oriental escort, I get taken to more Chinese and Thai restaurants than I can count. ‘Can you cook good as this?’ My clients would tease me with a smile. I poke my chopsticks at the birdsnest and exquisite dimsum. ‘Of course not, don’t expect me to be your maid now.’

Then I get asked a lot about the authenticity of the dishes, to which I declare I only eat Western food at home. In Hong Kong, every dish has a fusion flavour. I love big flavours. Here are my tastiest bites of the orient in London:

Min Jiang

Address2-24 Kensington High Street , Kensington, London W8 4PT

Every time I come to London Kensington, I must have a bite to eat at Min Jiang. This restaurant is not for lazy folks because you need to get on the lift to reach the 10th floor before you get a sip of tea there. The hotel is very nice from the outside however I have not been inside the rooms to tell you what I think of the beds. Some people I know salivate at the mention of Peking Duck at Min Jiang. You don’t believe me? It is really that good as I have tasted it myself.

The Good Earth

Address143-145 The Broadway, London NW7 4RN

I like the name The Good Earth. It is a novel by Pearl S Buck, isn’t it? The Good Earth serves great Chinese dishes like sea fragrant aubergine and monk vegetables. It is not fancy like some other Chinese banqueting restaurants in London but it would impress your lady date.


Address15-17 Broadwick Street, Soho, London W1F 0DL

Yauatcha is stylish, it is cool, it is trendy. I go dimsum crazy inside this dimly lit restaurant. The menu is really modern, I didn’t know this kind of place existed outside of Hong Kong. I have a sweet tooth, which makes me the perfect customer for Yauatcha.

Hakkasan Hanway Place

Address8 Hanway Place, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1HD

When I enter Hakkasan I feel like a Shanghai Tai Tai, the type of woman to wear all mink furs and suck on a long cigarette. It is very Shanghai in style but the menu is not like anything you would find in Shanghai. It is really funky even for London. I had chocolate ribs there once. I liked the Cantonese dimsum and lychee cocktails. The place is very dark and good for groping your date under the table. I leave my knickers at home if I’m being taken for a dinner booking at Hakkasans.


Address51 Pimlico Road, Belgravia, London SW1W 8NE

I have not been to Hunan in China, but the restaurant has the typical spicy dishes you would find there. So spicy you might have to order extra glasses of water. I eat like a sparrow when the food is ablaze with spice however you can also ask for mildly spicy vegetables and meat.

Kai Mayfair

Address65 South Audley Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2QU

The only times I go to Mayfair is to eat or visit some clients. Kai is one of my favourite restaurants in Mayfair and it restored my faith in modern Chinese cuisine. The place looks very elegant and simple. Thinking about what I ate there still makes my mouth water.


Address33, The Shard, 31 St Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY

I went to Hutong for my birthday with a client from Hong Kong. He says, this place makes Northern Chinese food look classier than it is. It is very Chinoiserie in style and I loved eating everything put in front of me. Later, I learnt that it was a relatively new restaurant which surprised me because I thought it had been established for years.


Address35-36 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 5DL

Sometimes I regret going to Soho to eat because it is so busy. I make spur of the moment eating decisions. People love Szechuan dishes so much in London. I have been to too many Szechuan cafes and eateries. Finally, I find a good one with authentic Szechuan menu and tasteful surroundings.

The Duck and Rice

Address90 Berwick Street, Soho, London W1F 0QB

I like duck and I like rice. The Duck and Rice looks like a British pub at first so I thought I went to the wrong place for Oriental food. The Chinese menu there is really good actually. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Soho just for a Chinese supper at this place.

Mandarin Kitchen

Address14-16 Queensway, Paddington, London W2 3RX

At Mandarin Kitchen, I peer through the window to see what the chef is going to cook. This is a seafood restaurant, you cannot be allergic to shellfish to dine here. I will have my fill of seafood here before my cholesterol goes up. The lobster and crabs taste so good, I forget my table manners.

Park Chinois

Address17 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8EA

In China, we have a saying about saving face. If you want to save your job or your romantic life, take your boss or lover to Park Chinois. It will first dazzle them and the food will shut them up. I think the decor was inspired by a jazz club or high end bordello because it is really sexy.

China Tang Dorchester

Address53 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA

When I started high class escorting in London, The Dorchester held some fond memories for me. The clients here loved eating Chinese food at China Tang downstairs. China Tang, they used to say, was the best Chinese restaurant outside of Dubai, Hong Kong and Japan. When I dine here I feel like a princess in a Chinese TV series. It rekindled my love for Cantonese home food but without the crazy bits.

Baker Street Escorting Tales

2nd September 2018

London high class Asian escort Riko

They say-Baker Street-an area North West of London near Madame Tussauds and adjacent to the leafy Regents Park NW1-is most famous for its fictional inhabitant Sherlock Holmes. Being a part of London known for dingy small streets in the Victorian days, full of working girls and smoky fog, Baker Street has adapted to become a more family acceptable place. But these days, bars, restaurants and shops in Baker Street has an international flavour. I used to work near the Royal China Club restaurant 40-42 Baker St, Marylebone, London W1U 7AJ, in a tiny apartment and there was no shortage of gentlemen callers nearby.

My favourite type of clients in those days spoke English, Dutch, Italian, French and Chinese. They proclaimed their undying love for me in different languages and other naughty words not to be repeated here. I was an Oriental escort leaning more towards massage services with homemade massage oils and sexy candles. I can be ordered directly to your room if you didn’t want to walk around the restaurant looking for me. I had a range of toiletries, pre-bottled oils and love potions to bring with me to the clients. Old fashioned clients in those days made me brush my teeth and change into pajamas before playtime in bed. Some would brush my long hair and run me a bubble bath after undressing me. My escorting days in Baker Street were interesting and lively.

Baker Street was and still is a lively neighbourhood all night and a hangout for young professionals. I revisit many times reliving those times and fun I had with my Baker Street clients.

Nice Memories Of An Oriental Escort

19th August 2018

Riko elite Asian escort in London

It’s lunchtime in Nice and I’m wandering around the Old Town markets when a vibrant honey stall caught my eye. The local honey turned out to be tasty and delicate in flavour-it’s exactly the sort of thing I keep coming back to the South of France for. Lavender and honey. I sample a bit of the local bakers bread smothered with the honey and it met all of my expectations: sweet and Herby and mildly smelling of lavender flowers. But it really comes alive when paired with the soft as clouds French bread.

I love the sunny South of France. I adore Nice, which is not far from my usual habitat in London, England. As a high class Oriental travel escort, I get to fly to different places in the world. Nice is one of my favourite places in the world, and with few exceptions the food here is so much better than what you find in French restaurants in London. It’s always possible to eat a fresh vegetable, discover new ingredients and food combinations. I will try anything within reason. Not so unusual perhaps for a Hong Kong girl born near one of Asia’s craziest food districts. The knowledge that I am tasting new flavours excites my taste buds.

This trip to Nice was more than a stopover. After a short flight, some English tea to sustain me, I set off to meet my client whose home is somewhere close to Monaco. From Nice to Villefranche-sur-Mer, I went past a few seaside cafes and swift bites to eat. I take a cab ride that takes forever in the traffic. Here, I have more time to think and look at the sea view. The scenery of the coastline is sublime. Here, arty types lived and created their art, looking at the sea and making new friends with other hip arty types.

The route to Monaco is very beautiful and on my to do list. On the way there, I stopped at Eze Village and the cactus garden on the hilltop. The cuisine there is wonderful coupled with the great sea view. I can’t help but buy some art pieces at the small quirky shops. On the way to my client I remember that he wanted to undress me to see me in my pink coloured lingerie. In the spirit of things, I changed into my lingerie at the back of the cab, it was more than a little challenging. I will try anything once-like undressing at the back of a cab. It’s something of a relief that I arrived in good time and found my client waiting outside his home with a glass of white wine. It was evening and truly remarkable to see the sea becoming orange from the setting sun. I’ll remember that fondly for years to come.

What Is A High Class Escort?

18th July 2018 

Riko elite Asian escort in London

What is a high class escort in this day and age? For if every escort called herself one, would it cease to exist? I call myself a high class Oriental escort, and as far as I know, it is in my DNA. Granted, you have to be a certain look and attitude to live up to this title. Personality also plays a major role in who can be high class. If your personality goes against the grain of what men wants and fantasise about, then you cannot make a living as a high class female escort.

I am an independent and mature high class escort of Far Eastern descent-this may seem like a mouthful, however it is my unique selling proposition. I would like my clients to know that I am a mature lady, not a girl, an independent escort not affiliated with any agency and a Far Eastern escort at that. By calling myself high class, I am not a snob but signaling to men that I am ready to provide a high level service.

The ten perks of being a high class Oriental escort:

  1. As an Oriental escort in London, I always have my share of Gentlemen clients. Men love diversity and a hot, Oriental lady ranks highly on the desirability scale. I use my ‘Oriental-ness’ at every opportunity in this line of work.
  2. I get taken to great restaurants and bars because men want the entire high class escort experience. I always have a table full of fabulous drinks and food at my client’s expense, simply because they enjoy my company.
  3. Meeting some interesting men through my high class escorting-interesting men with interesting lives and lots of wisdom to pass onto me.
  4. Being in some of the nicest and most affluent areas of London town. The nicer the area, the more upmarket escorts you see walking about. One of the perks of being a high class Oriental escort is that I get taken to very exclusive postcodes in London that I didn’t know existed.
  5. Being taken shopping to some of the most glamorous stores in London.
  6. Invitations to events that would require a club membership or expensive ticket. I go for free.
  7. Having texts daily with greetings such as ‘hello gorgeous,’ ‘good morning beautiful.,’ and ‘thinking of you princess.’ It makes any woman feel like a goddess. Some men treat high class escorts better than their girlfriends and wives!
  8. Being told I look like an Oriental goddess and treated like one.
  9. Being taken on holidays where I experience how the privileged live and enjoy a high class level of hospitality.
  10. Meeting clients who are genuinely interested in Oriental culture and eager to know more.

So the common side effect of being a high class Oriental escort in London is that you get so used to being pampered. The truth is that escorting is like any other job. We’re in the business of being pampered and pleasured by powerful men.

When I started this lifestyle as an escort, office work was my full time occupation. This grunge work prepared me for a different way to live. I met my first client shortly after being signed up with an Oriental escort service, he was a wonderful lover, very gentle and made me feel like a princess. Being his regular escort from the agency gave me confidence to become independent and find my own clients.

Then one day, I wrote down what I thought was my unique selling proposition and started to advertise. As a high class companion, no one understood the meaning of high class better than me. It meant that I was reliable, consistent and had a touch of class in my manners. Basically, it was a very positive thing to be associated with high class as an escort.

Let’s just admit that given the choice between a high class escort and an ordinary one, any client would choose high class.